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*Urgent news*

You may have seen reports regarding westows in the Argus recently, the press have as usual taken something and twisted it. Statements attributed to Westows in the press are fabricated.

Management here have tried to register on the Argus online site in order to register our concern, but were prevented from doing so by Argus. Westows receive many requests to hire the facility, many of which we turn down. In this case we were approached by a group for a private hire.

Before accepting a booking we routinely check who the event is for and what they are planning to do; if we accept the booking we take a deposit. In this case on investigating it was found what they planned to do was not right for westows - no deposit was taken and no such booking exists. I can confirm that no such events have ever taken place at Westows nor will they take place at Westows.

The Argus were given a statement yesterday to this effect when they contacted Westows, but they chose to ignore it as it didn't support their story.

This is yet another case of a reporter trying to make a name for themselves by creating a story and a newspaper desperate for sales in publishing it.

We are happy to let people view our booking system and the email sent to the reporter at the Argus, which was ignored.

Westows is an indoor play centre for children that focuses on old fashioned play, we have plenty of space for the children to run around. At Westows you will find:
- A large 2 level soft play area and a separate soft play area for under 3s
- 2 indoor football pitches with bouncy castle and play toys
- Children's parties and activity sessions
- A popular indoor adult 4-a-side football league
- A large canteen next to the play equipment
- Free wi-fi in the building

One price covers entry and use of all facilites - we aim to ensure our prices are the lowest in the area. Adults and non walking babies are free! Stay as long as you like though sessions may be limited to 2 hours on very busy days. Monthly memberships are available, details can be found here.


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